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2014 North American Concert Dates

PLEASE NOTE: The 2014 version of Loop does not include John Willis, he has since left the reunion shows to pursue his band Pumajaw. The Drummer from The Heads will take over.

THE BAND is requesting if you take photos of any upcoming shows to tag them with "#soundheads"

BE SURE to check the Official Loop Facebook page for photos and video clips of the tour!

4/16 Philadelphia PA Kung Fu Necktie
4/17 New York NY Le Poisson Rouge
4/18 Baltimore MD Metro Gallery
4/19 Cambridge MA Middle East (Downstairs)
4/21 Montreal QC La Sala Rossa
4/22 Toronto ON Wrongbar
4/23 Detroit MI Magic Stick
4/24 Milwaukee WI The Cactus Club
4/25 Iowa City IA Gabe's Oasis
4/26 St. Paul MN Turf Club
4/27 Chicago IL Bottom Lounge
4/28 Kansas City MO Record Bar
4/30 Knoxville TN Pilot Light
5/1 Athens GA Georgia Theatre
5/3 Austin TX Carson Creek Ranch Austin Psych Fest
5/6 San Diego CA Soda Bar
5/7 Los Angeles CA The Church on York
5/9 San Francisco CA Great American Music Hall
5/10 Santa Cruz CA Rio Theater
5/15 Seattle WA Chop Suey
5/16 Portland OR Doug Fir Lounge

2014 Euro Concert Dates

5/30 Barcelona ES Parc Del Forum Primavera Sound Festival 2014

April 16, 2014. Recent Interviews

Drowned in Sound
The Quietus
Louder than War
Dumbing of America
Austin Psych Fest

2013 Concert Dates

Italian Tour 2013::
25/11 Roma Circolo degli Artisti
26/11 Jesi (An) s.c.a.TNT
27/11 Torino Spazio 211
28/11 Bologna Locomotiv

Winter 2013 UK Tour Tickets::
02-Dec UK Bristol The Fleece

03-Dec UK Leeds The Brudenell

04-Dec UK Edinburgh Liquid Rooms

05-Dec UK Brighton Concorde

They will play more shows in 2014 including US Dates

November 19, 2013. Loop return to stage after 23 years!
Loop played a show in Lndon's Netil House under the moniker, 'Soundheads'.

Here is a review of the show

Here are 12 songs from the show, courtesy of epidemic271!

Here is the setlist:

The Nail Will Burn
Fade Out
Breathe Into Me
Too Real to Feel
Fix to Fall
Fever Knife
Straight to Your Heart
Burning World
Deadly Doris/Mother Sky

Shirts and buttons
You can currently get them at shows. They are offering free buttons with t-shirt purchase at shows. They will be doing mailorder soon. Shirts will be available in both Men's and Women' sizes. (I will post picture soon)

May 1, 2013. Loop to currate the final ATP
Vist for more info

April 25, 2013. Never say never - Loop reforms!
After years of saying Loop will never reform, something changed, perhaps his recent performance back with Godflesh while reforming 'their album 'Pure' (which Robert played on) at the Roadburn Festival when they played "Straight to your heart" with Robert on vocals (as an encore I'm presuming). Robert announced on his FB page that Loop is reforming for live shows for this year and next! More details will be announced soon on the Official site or at the Official FB page Here is the line-up:

Robert Hampson (Guitar, Vocals)
Mr John Wills (Drums)
Mr Neil Mackay (Bass)
Mr Scott Dowson (Guitar)

Heaven's End vinyl reissue
In September 2012, Robert reissued Heaven's End on vinyl. Limited to 3000 copies. Here is what Robert posted on his FB page.
Loop - Heavens End LP on REACTOR....150 gm vinyl, recut majestically (by Kevin Metcalfe) from the 2008 remasters, deluxe vinyl reissue...comes with a DL a numbered heavy stock sleeve

February 3, 2013. Fade Out vinyl reissue
Forthcoming. FADE OUT Vinyl repro of the original limited edition Gold Sleeve version : 2x45rpm 150g 12" / Heavyweight card gatefold sleeve. Remastered and Recut.

Heaven's End vinyl reissue
In September 2012, Robert reissued Heaven's End on vinyl. Limited to 3000 copies. Here is what Robert posted on his FB page.
Loop - Heavens End LP on REACTOR....150 gm vinyl, recut majestically (by Kevin Metcalfe) from the 2008 remasters, deluxe vinyl reissue...comes with a DL a numbered heavy stock sleeve

December 27, 2008. Loop reissues
The first 2 Loop reissues have been released. The next reissues are due in early 2009. You can purchase them at,,, (US)

Loop T-shirts
Robert is still planning on printing these up. More details when they are ready for sale.

September 13, 2008. Loop reissues delayed
The album were due for releases on October 8th, but now have been delayed to problems with the artwork. They will now be released on November 17th.

Full Track Listings for Heaven's End and Fade Out re-issues

Straight To Your Heart
Heaven's End

Too Real To Feel
Fix To Fall
Head On
Carry Me

Rocket USA
Soundhead (1st Mix)
Head On (1st Mix)
Peel Session 1
Straight To Your Heart
Rocket USA


Black Sun
This Is Where You End
Fever Knife

Fade Out
A Vision Stain
Got To Get It Over

Black Sun (Feedback)
Torched (1st Mix)
Got To Get It Over (1st Mix)
This Is Where You End (House In The Woods Demo Mix no. 7)

Peel Session 2
This Is Where You End

Fade Out Guitar Loops (House In The Woods Recording June 88)

REACTOR present the long out of print albums by Loop remastered from the original analogue sources. These two releases will be released on the same day, scheduled October 08 release. They will be housed in a Mini Vinyl style card sleeve, which reproduce the original artwork which has been slightly modified to fit the gatefold format and including inner bags for both discs. All due care has been taken to release everything that is available to us in some chronological order, sadly a couple of tapes have been too badly damaged or lost to make a complete edition, but these will be the definitive editions...there won't be any 'special editions' to rip you off with, that's a promise. As for vinyl, it is planned to do a limited run of 180g pressings, but these will only be repros of the original lps without the bonus material. The bonus material will only be available on the Compact Disc issues and not for digital downloads, mainly because of the costs of having to pay ungodly rates on the Peel Sessions. So, the Compact Disc issues will be unique in their own right.

07.07.08. Loop reissues
Dear All,

The Loop reissue program has finally found it's feet and there will new remastered versions of Heaven's End, Fade Out, The World In Your Eyes out on REACTOR in late 2008.
All of these have been commercially unavailable since 1991 on any format.

Initially, only cd versions will be available, but if there is enough interest, then vinyl will be considered.
All releases will be housed in a deluxe sleeve and include a booklet.

For Heaven's End and Fade Out : Each package will be 2xcds and include on CD1 remastered versions of the original LPs - direct from the original analogue masters. CD2 will include the relative John Peel Session and rare archive material from the era. There is not a great wealth of outtakes or different versions but we will strive to get everything we can find that warrants inclusion, all remastered from the original sources.
The World In Your Eyes : Will now be known as The World In Your Eyes Vols. I & II. These are of course compilations of all the original 12" vinyl singles originally released on HEAD and CHAPTER 22, plus compilation tracks and rare archive material.
To avoid confusion, the original Chapter 22 compilation of singles called "Eternal", which was issued against the wishes of Loop at the time, then reissued as "Dual" on Reactor in the 90's is now called The World In Your Eyes Vol. II.

Heaven's End will be the first release, just in time for it's 21st Anniversary in 2008. Fade Out and The World In Your Eyes Vols. I & II will follow shortly after.

That's all we can say for now...

Loop T-Shirts
Robert is planning on doing a limited run of Loop T-Shirts. More details coming soon

10.03.08. Loop reissue update
Greetings all,
Just to clear up some queries regarding the Loop re-issue program. The following original releases hopefully to be re-issued: Heaven's End, Fade Out and both singles compilations The World In Your Eyes and Dual (AKA Eternal - the one we don't talk about). I do hope that all releases will be remastered from all possible original sources - i.e. the tapes are in good shape or can be saved, and will include as much extra material that is available. There's not a wealth of outtakes or unreleased material, we never had the studio time for that, but a few that got away will be rounded up - the Good Feeling compilation version of Spinning for example. The rights to the Beggar's Banquet material will not revert back for some considerable time, but maybe we'll work something out... For the time being, the best will be done on what is owned.

There is still no concrete evidence yet on all of this - you'll be the first to know when something happens.

For sure, there will definitely be a 21st Anniversary edition of Heaven's End even if I have to stick it on a wax cylinder.



Source: Robert Hampson

02.01.08. Loop reissues (non-update)
I have not received any word from Robert about the status of the Loop reissues in quite some time. As soon as I know something more, I'll post it here. The 20th anniversary of 'Heaven's End was last June or July I beleive. One thing I can tell you is that these reissues will not include lyrics. Here is what Robert told me:

...I've always regarded lyrics/ vocals as a equal part to the instrument that's no more or less important to the rest. As with Main, I also like puzzles/mystery in the work, so I always thought it's for others to try and work them out, see what they find.

31.10.06. Loop reissues
I'd like to announce, after much pleading, badgering, coercement etc. from many (THANK YOU!), that I am finally putting the wheels into motion on a LOOP Reissue programme. No formal plans have been made as yet, it is very, very, very early days and it may take some time, but the intent is there after all this time. Seeing that 2007 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the release of HEAVEN'S END, I feel I have no excuses left to leave the material out of print. Hopefully, a full and extensive remastering process will be involved, but that's all I can say right at this moment. I will certainly keep you all up to date with further postings...